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  • It just seemed like yesterday… Palm Pilot

    I was just looking at some statistics lately of what is the most common smartphone/iPad OS and I noticed at what we had way back in 2005 when Palm had much of the market.  I even had the wireless version, the Palm VII if you remember that, it had decent connectivity (depending on the city) getting emails and […]

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  • IT Innovation – maybe

    Lately, I’ve been considering “what is IT innovation.”  I believe the term innovation in general is overused.  This thought process was triggered by an article in the Wall Street Journal I read late last year and finally got around to commenting about it. Article is WSJ Dec 3, 2013 (available here) Is a Peanut Butter Pop-Tart […]

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  • WebRTC Viability without Explorer…

    I’ve run across recent situation where a customer asked “we should wait for WebRTC until Microsoft Explorer is on board” I started to think whether that statement made sense and should companies leverage WebRTC. I decided to run some analysis to see what the various world wide usage of browsers were since some rumors had […]

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  • Consumer Grade User Experience

    Consumer grade user interface, do you really need to have your internal enterprise apps look like Amazon or some other simple tool that is available in the consumer space?  Can you streamline the process so that you get as simple of a UI as possible? I was just reading an article this morning how enterprises […]

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  • IT Spending for 2014 – Mobile Win?

    IDC recently discusses IT spending for 2014 where mobile wins.. spending in the banking, capital markets and insurance industries in 2014 is set to grow by 7 percent in Latin America, Asia Pacific and elsewhere, Business News Americas said. Worldwide financial services spending on IT is expected to reach more than $430 billion in 2014, with banks […]

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  • CEBP-Communications Enabled Business Processes?

    CEBP  - is this the year of CEBP?  I’ve been after the CEBP market ever since my time at Nortel and brining to market a CEBP platform called ACE.  Frankly, I was 5 years early and only the very early adopters accepted the product. What is CEBP?  In a nutshell, its the ability for employees […]

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  • Keynote at WebRTC Customer Service Summit

    I’ll be a keynote speaker at the WebRTC Customer Service Summit and I hope you will join me for my session titled “Why is WebRTC Your Competitive Advantage?” where I will introduce you to the world of WebRTC: new approaches, major simplifications to customer interactions, and new advertising opportunities among others. At the WebRTC Customer Service […]

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  • Cadillac Commercial, Superbowl 2014

    The Cadillac Commercial, Superbowl 2014… I love this  commercial from Superbowl 2014 – hard work to prosperity… don’t know why it gets to me other than I’ve believed all my life that we can make it through hard work.  I’ve viewed this so many times to the point that my wife is sick of it.. […]

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  • WebRTC Mobility and Your Mobile Device

    WebRTC mobility is a huge trend.  WebRTC provides a framework for either enterprises for embedding internal communications or providing a new customer support offering.  Research and Market did a survey ( and according to their findings, 56% of mobile developers are currently or are interested in integrating communications into their applications. Based on a survey of […]

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  • ITExpo WebRTC Presentation – Miami Beach, Florida

    Towards the end of January in Miami Beach at ITExpo I had the privilege of presenting my thoughts on WebRTC and why it would be a game changer with respect to user interfaces. The presentations were very well attended and clearly there is a growing interest on how to take advantage of the builtin communications […]

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  • SaaS set for Growth – Drive Innovation

    Oracle and Cisco are in the crosshairs of poorer performance as the squeeze on IT spending continues for 2014.  CIOs are more likely to move to software as a service based solutions since the cost of spinning up and testing new solutions is fairly easy and doesn’t require a major infrastructure change and allows for […]

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  • Design and Technology Experiments – Back End

    Design and technology experimentation and testing is little tricky and needs to be iterative. Earlier in the week I was discussing how to get technology updated for a business process and suggested that maybe starting with UI is a way of getting customer feedback and interaction going. Also discussed that, many times pulling technology team […]

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