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  • The world changed … Part 2

    I wrote an article a little bit ago about the plummeting price of smartphones and how it can empower third world inhabitants in participating in the modern economy.  The article can be found here.  Now as I think about it I write The world changed … Part 2. A recent article I read and I can’t […]

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  • The world changed…

    The world changed A recent article in the Wall Street Journal had me lean back in my chair and consider the possibilities… of a world that is about to change. Approximately 285 million smartphones were shipped in the first quarter of 2014 (Strategy Analytics) and more than a billion smartphones will ship this year where […]

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  • Enterprise Connect – IT Balance of Power

    I’ll be a panelist at the upcoming Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando March 16th through March 19th IT and the Lines-of-Business: Is the Balance of Power Really Shifting? I’ll be posting some thoughts on how IT can innovate and not shift the balance of power. The subject discussed will be the following: In a world where […]

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  • ITExpo West 2014 – Presentations

    I’m presenting this week at ITExpo West 2014 about WebRTC.  The two presentations are: WebRTC Fundamentals WebRTC technology once understood provides a rich and straightforward development opportunity to quickly add video, voice, and data to any website.  In this session we’ll go through the basic WebRTC technology and challenges, review WebRTC concepts and provide examples […]

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  • At WebRTC Conference in Atlanta

    I’m moderating a couple technical panels at the WebRTC Conference in Atlanta.  The event is well attended.  The overall trend with WebRTC is not huge innovation leaps but maturity of infrastructure support with signaling providers, better SDKs for mobile devices, and plug-ins for non-WebRTC browsers. The next step is showing how customers are adding value […]

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  • Organizational Structure – Startup to Maturity – Part 2

    This is the second part of my blog post since the first one was getting too long and this topic can be several chapters in a book.  The observations and lessons learned  as a 3 time CEO, 2 time CTO, and a GM driving a startup division from 1 person to nearly 500 people worldwide. […]

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  • Organizational Structure – Startup to Maturity – Part 1

    I recently had the privilege of presenting to the Software Leaders Group organized here in Dallas.  The group consists of CTO, CIO, other senior development leaders both for product and large enterprises.   My presentation discussed  the startup to maturity challenges of a software or high tech company organizational structure, leadership, and hiring/retention.  The organizational […]

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  • WebRTC – Surveys galore what does it mean

    In the recent few weeks we’ve seen a number of surveys come out suggesting the future of application of WebRTC will look like and what are enterprises and developers planning. Based on 1st hand knowledge on several development projects and pilots, it’s still early days.  What I’m seeing is micro targeted applications where the user […]

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  • Consultative Role of IT… something to this…

    The consultative role of IT how do you do it.  I discussed this in my blog a couple of weeks ago about problem solving vs innovation where the role of IT should morph to a facilitator and problem solver with a big helping of innovation. Yesterday I read an article, in the Tech Republic where they spoke with Lokesh […]

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  • It just seemed like yesterday… Palm Pilot

    I was just looking at some statistics lately of what is the most common smartphone/iPad OS and I noticed at what we had way back in 2005 when Palm had much of the market.  I even had the wireless version, the Palm VII if you remember that, it had decent connectivity (depending on the city) getting emails and […]

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  • IT Innovation – maybe

    Lately, I’ve been considering “what is IT innovation.”  I believe the term innovation in general is overused.  This thought process was triggered by an article in the Wall Street Journal I read late last year and finally got around to commenting about it. Article is WSJ Dec 3, 2013 (available here) Is a Peanut Butter Pop-Tart […]

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  • WebRTC Viability without Explorer…

    I’ve run across recent situation where a customer asked “we should wait for WebRTC until Microsoft Explorer is on board” I started to think whether that statement made sense and should companies leverage WebRTC. I decided to run some analysis to see what the various world wide usage of browsers were since some rumors had […]

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