WebRTC – Surveys galore what does it mean

In the recent few weeks we’ve seen a number of surveys come out suggesting the future of application of WebRTC will look like and what are enterprises and developers planning.

Based on 1st hand knowledge on several development projects and pilots, it’s still early days.  What I’m seeing is micro targeted applications where the user experience can be somewhat controlled such as internal applications adding a UC component to an existing business process.  The browser used is proscribed etc.  Many of these implementation are pilots and testing the effectiveness of WebRTC.  I’m seeing very interesting and compelling results.  Establishing a simple WebRTC session with no proprietary clients and adding a recording feature the combo is a huge value add.

Some of the applications being tested are used by enterprises to help the field supervisors and personnel to view operations of a machine, subcontractor performance, job status, estimates of jobs, expert help for machinery etc.  Others applications are part of customer support, super IVR, or support sales.

The ability to leverage recorded sessions for playback for customers, insurance claims, lessons learned etc. has shown positive benefit with clear ROI.  Adding recording is not hard either use an external MCU or service.  We seeing quite a few of the apps  we’ve developed must have a iOS/Android mobile platform support for either a smartphone or tablet.

The results of two recent surveys with more details below shows that many enterprises are going to use or thinking of using WebRTC for interpersonal and group video communications where the highest.  This also fits what we are seeing in our pilot projects.

A recent report from Webtorials key findings are: Get it here

  • 43% of respondents are using WebRTC or plan to use it within the next 12 months
  • 43% of respondents have heard of it, but have no plans to use WebRTC
  • 90% of those surveyed believe WebRTC has the potential to improve contact center services
  • 67% viewed WebRTC as a potential solution for external video communications
  • 85% of those surveyed see WebRTC and SIP (session initiation protocol) solutions as complementary
  • Near-term support for WebRTC was greatest among small businesses and larger enterprise

The results were based on roughly 200 respondents split between small, medium, and large enterprises heavily weighted over 50% to North America.  I think this seems to be a fair assessment of the market based on the survey methods.

And another from Dialogic just published shows that WebRTC is being adopted and part of company’s product or services roadmap.  The problem I have with this survey in I’m not sure of the survey sample size and the type of respondents.  It shows interest but I’m not sure by whom.

WebRTC timeframe


WebRTC significant to product roadmap

Is WebRTC significant to product roadmap

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