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WebRTC Conference 4

I’m moderating a couple technical panels at the WebRTC Conference in Atlanta.  The event is well attended.  The overall trend with WebRTC is not huge innovation leaps but maturity of infrastructure support with signaling providers, better SDKs for mobile devices, and plug-ins for non-WebRTC browsers.

The next step is showing how customers are adding value by leveraging WebRTC for better customer service, increased employee productivity with CEBP (communications-enabled business processes), and cost savings through toll avoidance.

WebRTC is growing an becoming well adopted.  The new releases of Chrome 36 and 37 will have huge updates with WebRTC.

My sessions:

Native Apps versus WebRTC – Options and Performance

For mobile devices, the choice of a browser based WebRTC app or a native OS based app is a critical one. While browser based apps are easier to develop and deploy, concerns about performance, appearance, and battery life, as well as user reaction may mitigate their use. This panel will discuss the options and help define the choices and decision process.

WebRTC Plug-ins for Other Browsers

With Internet Explorer and Safari not yet supporting WebRTC, the only option is a plug-in. This session will examine the options available to provide WebRTC capability in other browsers and devices.

See you here at WebRTC Conference in Atlanta

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