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ITExpo West 2014

ITExpo West 2014

I’m presenting this week at ITExpo West 2014 about WebRTC.  The two presentations are:

WebRTC Fundamentals

WebRTC technology once understood provides a rich and straightforward development opportunity to quickly add video, voice, and data to any website.  In this session we’ll go through the basic WebRTC technology and challenges, review WebRTC concepts and provide examples of code and website examples to show how easily WebRTC can be incorporated into webpages.  This session we will also go through basic issues and techniques for scaling WebRTC and where some of the possible challenges exist and how to handle non-WebRTC compliant browsers.

Asymmetric User Interfaces

WebRTC provides a rich capabilities that no longer demand a special driver or plug-in to be downloaded opening a vast landscape of opportunities for incorporating video, voice, and data.  Current thinking of how video is invoked and creative use of the data channel will be challenged.  We will review some possible approaches to enhancing current websites and provide some thought provoking ideas and examples of how creative developers and businesses are leveraging WebRTC for out-of-the-box thinking driving a competitive advantage.

My presentations (click to view)

WebRTC Fundamentals ITEXPO 2014 West – WebRTC Fundamentals

Asymmetric User Interfaces ITEXPO 2014 West – WebRTC Asymetric

The conference information is HERE


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