Enterprise Connect – IT Balance of Power

enterprise connectI’ll be a panelist at the upcoming Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando March 16th through March 19th IT and the Lines-of-Business: Is the Balance of Power Really Shifting?

I’ll be posting some thoughts on how IT can innovate and not shift the balance of power.

The subject discussed will be the following:

In a world where end user choice is a given and UC increasingly must prove its business value, how are enterprise organizations responding to meet needs and share power and responsibilities? This session will focus on how budgets are being reallocated within enterprises to respond to the new realities, and to meet new needs and opportunities. You’ll learn how IT/communications teams are working with lines-of-business (LOB) to make appropriate technology choices and to spend budget wisely, and you’ll learn about strategies for fostering partnerships with the end users and organizational units that are increasingly empowered to make choices and spend money on technology, without those decisions being made by centralized IT/communications. You’ll come away with practical ideas for the next generation of enterprise communications technology decision-making.

* To what extent are communications budgets being reallocated into the budgets of lines of business within enterprises?
* How have changes in budgeting impacted the power and influence of the technology organizations?
* Are enterprises finding successful models for sharing budgeting and decision-making between technology organizations and lines-of-business, so that all needs are addressed?
* What are the most effective strategies for IT/communications decision-makers to use in order to understand the needs of lines-of-business and marketing organizations, and to respond to those needs?
* Does the rise of end-user/LOB-driven technology decision-making threaten the core mission or even the continued existence of the communications technology team? Why or why not?

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