Feasibility, Rapid Prototyping, & Implementation


This is an area of major impact where the Tworek, LLC team can provide a quick hit analysis to determine the feasibility and ROI of a project. We are experienced in team building and in understanding demanding and politically charged situations and can help with a tailored team of experts.

Our approach can support you anywhere along the project lifecycle from innovation and brainstorming, to pilots, to implementation and architecture oversight.  Our independent consulting team members are experts in delivering quick hit results.

  • White boarding, ideation, fleshing out and validating ideas, discussing new and emerging technologies to actionable and documented “next steps”
  • Documenting and supplying a high level architecture of what is possible and guiding technology choices and vendors
  • Reviewing and suggesting rapid and immediate pilot/proof of concept projects
  • Reviewing proof of concept results with a gap analysis and detailed options for each technology choice and vendor as well as ROIs for full implementation
  • Assist in vendor review and selection
  • Determining phased approach to leverage current assets and optimize a systematic roll out plan for rapid deployment
  • Assist in customer project “buy-in” through business case and customer involvement
  • Assist in project oversight, vendor progress, transition planning and training.

In today’s environment, long-term monolithic approaches to one technology or one vendor to solve all problems in no longer reality.  Our goal is to provide the IT department with “quick hit” and innovative results. Enterprises are increasingly looking for ways to increase productivity, improve customer service and increase sales with the challenges of increased employee mobility, device and OS proliferation, applications moving to the Cloud, and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD).