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In a Nutshell.. when looking at a new technology environment or leveraging the one you have…give us your tough problems.  We are unique group of technologists that look at the business process first and add value through enhanced technology and critical problem solving.

Most of our current activities deal with how business processes can be enhanced with a logical and thoughtful approach to web, mobile apps and real time communications.

Our approach is to do project work and staff with a lean tiger team of experts to review business processes, provide recommendations, deliver proof of concepts and prototypes and help with full implementation of solutions.  It’s all about delivering “quick hit” high ROI projects.

Tworek Systems, LLC delivers in weeks what takes others to deliver in months.

We provide to our clients:

  • Review business process help in guiding what is technically possible

  • Assist in application design, management, and delivery

  • Develop and test mobility tablet/smartphone internal business process concepts

  • Leverage emerging technology into a common sense and stable solution

  • Rapid prototyping and piloting, cloud, web, real time communications, or mobility solutions

  • Provide project, review, oversight and guidance

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