Quick Hit – Rapid ROI


Quick Hit and Rapid ROI development is driven by a proven methodology that provides a rifle approach to reviewing areas where there may be immediate opportunities to capture lost revenue or margin.  This is done through quick assessment consisting of a short interview of various stake holders in field, sales/marketing, and operations teams, review existing technology and business process, provide a list of candidates for further in-depth analysis.  The quick overview is about a 2 to 4 week effort.

The approach is straightforward with the right team and will answer the following:

  • What do you have
  • What do you need
  • What is missing

With what is missing, innovation is the cornerstone of establishing a competitive advantage; either leveraging and repurposing existing technology for a new market, or leveraging new technology for an existing business process.

  • Competitive or market leading applications,
  • Business collaboration,
  • Customer service and retention,
  • Efficiency of remote teams and offices

Whatever the motivation Tworek, LLC uses a proven tiger team approach with a lean staff of experts to quickly assess and provide “quick hit” results driving to a pilot or prototype in a matter of weeks.  If desired, we provide guidance to turnover the pilot/prototype to an existing development team for production.

Additionally, through our approach we can help in establishing a long-term framework to foster innovation and help spot and digest ideas that can be germinated.  The framework considers the mission and goals of the company/division/department with technology expectations and business processes.  The methodology looks at the possibility of new approaches of emerging technology to identify best fit for collaboration technologies for:

  • Better customer service
  • Speed of delivery
  • New product offering
  • Better collaboration with the virtual offices

Contact us today to talk about how we can help in a quick tiger team assessment.